Gotta Get Your Protein (Treatment) In!

Confession: I’m a lazy girl when it comes to my hair. I have not done a protein treatment since 2011 (insert gasp here).

What can I say, I’ve just been focusing on keeping/ maintaining moisture in my hair. I deep condition once a week and I’ve noticed a tremendous change in the health of my hair! However lately I’ve also noticed a lot of shedding/ breakage. I have a length goal this year that i’m determined to meet, so this breakage has got to stop!

I did some research, (check out my Pinterest board here) and in addition to all the low manipulation techniques that i’m already doing, I discovered that I should be doing protein treatments every 6-8 weeks!

Why I haven’t done a protein treatment since 2011:

Messy- I did an at home treatment that required eggs, …some other stuff I don’t remember (obviously cause it was 5 years ago) but I do remember making a mess and dry yolk on my face. Not cute.

Hard hair- Sooo now that I’ve done some research I know that I probably over did the treatment, but it left my hair feeling hard and brittle for about a week.

No real results- Of course I wanted immediate results, stronger hair in a snap. Didn’t happen, but even after doing it a second time… I just didn’t see a difference.

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First and Last time I do “duck lips”

Back to the protein treatment “ah-ha” moment. after looking through Amazon for the “best protein treatment for thick natural hair”. The one with the best reviews was this Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment. it came with a “Balancing Moisturizer” as well.

The process was pretty simple; wash with shampoo, put in the treatment, sit under the dryer till it stiffens… my hair was hard as a rock once dry ya’ll, wash out the treatment, condition with provided moisturizer, and voilà. 

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My face after feeling how hard my hair was under the dryer…also is this a variation of  aforementioned duck lips? 

I will say I added more of my own conditioner in with the one provided so I could finger comb my hair. But other than that MUCH better experience than my 1st try. Not messy, and not all day. As far as results, no real difference yet as I immediately put my hair in a protective style. But I will continue using this product and can hopefully come back in a few months with some good feedback.

Any tips or experiences with protein treatments? leave em’ in the comments!

Stay Curly,


P.S. I was drinking a Trinity Oaks, Pinot Noir while doing this treatment 🙂 follow me on Instagram to see my thoughts about it!


My Weekend Bottle

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My love for wine started shortly after my 21st birthday through a wine tasting I received as a gift. That experience taught me the 5s’, really opened my eyes to how wine should be tasted and I learned I have a “good nose” by the winery’s sommelier… he might have been lying, but I ran with it!

Recently while living in northern California I’ve visited alot of winery’s and I’m slowly but surely learning more and more about different grapes and regions where grapes are grown. however my weekend bottle was a completely new grape and region for me!

At Bay Grape in Oakland I asked for a refreshing, crisp, not too sweet white and their somm suggested this beautifully bottled Gelber Muskateller, from Germany (Kabinett). It was delicious, the nose was fruitful and floral, but the taste was crisp and dry the perfect wine for summer. when I asked “So what’s the deal with this bottle? ” The Somm said historically they use these bottles in the region where this wine is made so the bottles don’t roll down the hill. Go figure.

Side note; Bay Grape is a great, very cute wine shop/ community in Oakland, CA if you’re ever in the area check them out! They have (wine) Sunday school and blind tastings on Monday in addition to many other tastings through out the week. I love this place and come often… like every weekend 🙂

What was your weekend bottle? Let me know in the comments~

Drink well, Lloryn




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-Curls on Curls on Curls –

Hi welcome to my blog!

I was inspired to start Curls, Wine, and Such one Saturday while washing, deep conditioning, detangling ,twisting my hair (i.e wash day) and having a glass of wine. During the 2 hour process I thought “I can’t be the only one that enjoys a glass…or two while doing their hair!” I also thought I bet those ladies are dope and we’d probably get along. So here I am starting a blog as a place to share my experiences regarding my favorite things. Particularly natural hair (i’m a 4b/c if that matters 🙂 ) and my growing wine education. And hopefully connecting with other women (or men) that enjoy the same.


So, anyway thanks for checking out my blog – post of my weekend wine adventure coming soon!