You Might just be a Black Sommelier in The Making!

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Blind tasting class! 

I debated about this title, but hey I’m in FORMATION… have been since February Bey, where you at?!  (Update: I wrote this before lemonade came out and changed my whole life! more on that later) BUT I just did my first blind tasting class so it fits!

As previously discussed I have a love for BayGrape Wine Shop in my neighborhood and every Monday they do a blind tasting class. I pulled one of my girlfriends into coming with me and needless to say we had an amazing time!

Stevie one of the owners taught the class, we tasted 6 wines 3 reds 3 whites. It was a really cool format because Stevie was blinded to the wines as well so together we pulled out the color, the smell, the sweetness, the acidity, the level of alcohol and ultimately what the wine was by region and grape etc.

What was most interesting to me was going back to the wines after we tasted them. I could smell SO much better what I was guessing at before. 1st time “maybe it’s an over ripe plum” 2nd time “definitely a jammy plum”  Is that normal? I don’t know but I loved it. and can’t wait to go back.

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Wines we tasted…they were all really good 

I’m no where near a Sommelier, obviously. But this tasting definitely has me more and more interested in the science of wine, the class took me back to my biology courses we did some testing (with our nose and tongue) and developed an hypothesis, then with the class discussed our conclusions to see if we all came to the same one. Pretty much my dream :).

Here’s to more blind tastings and praying that i’m a hypersensitive taster : )

Drink Well,