My Weekend Bottle

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My love for wine started shortly after my 21st birthday through a wine tasting I received as a gift. That experience taught me the 5s’, really opened my eyes to how wine should be tasted and I learned I have a “good nose” by the winery’s sommelier… he might have been lying, but I ran with it!

Recently while living in northern California I’ve visited alot of winery’s and I’m slowly but surely learning more and more about different grapes and regions where grapes are grown. however my weekend bottle was a completely new grape and region for me!

At Bay Grape in Oakland I asked for a refreshing, crisp, not too sweet white and their somm suggested this beautifully bottled Gelber Muskateller, from Germany (Kabinett). It was delicious, the nose was fruitful and floral, but the taste was crisp and dry the perfect wine for summer. when I asked “So what’s the deal with this bottle? ” The Somm said historically they use these bottles in the region where this wine is made so the bottles don’t roll down the hill. Go figure.

Side note; Bay Grape is a great, very cute wine shop/ community in Oakland, CA if you’re ever in the area check them out! They have (wine) Sunday school and blind tastings on Monday in addition to many other tastings through out the week. I love this place and come often… like every weekend 🙂

What was your weekend bottle? Let me know in the comments~

Drink well, Lloryn